67 year old body won't stay up in water

by Sakinah

How can I keep my body from sinking during swimming lessons? I am 67 years old; taking lessons for 2 months, once a week for an hour. I don't fear the water, can glide width of pool; float on back length of the pool. I dog paddle only. My big problem is that my body won't stay up and starts sinking. I am embarrassed because it is taking so long to learn and new students come and surpass me. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi Sakinah,

I’m assuming its your legs that are sinking not your whole body, there are a few reasons why your body will sink.

1. You are heavy in the water i.e. you do not carry much body fat....muscle weighs more than fat floats and muscle sinks...

2. If the above is not the case then it is very possible that your leg action is incorrect....if you are not creating propulsion with your legs then they will sink doing front crawl and epically breaststroke.....

I teach adult swim lessons and the most common reason for sinking is lack of propulsion with the legs. The best solution it not to swim but to perfect the leg action of whatever stroke you are doing and this includes backstroke...

Let me know how you get on....

Thanks for the question if you have any more questions please get back in touch...


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Sep 09, 2012
Legs Won't Stay Up While Swimming
by: Anonymous

Thanks Dale. Yes, I am small and don't have a lot of body fat. Also, my instructor said that I need to work on my kicking. I just wonder if I will learn to swim!

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