Learn swim games to play with your kids, make it fun with my swimming tips.

Learn swim games, when teaching your child to swim whether it’s toddler or older child. Learn swim games can play a useful part in the building up and the eventual ultimate goal of your child actually swimming. By using learn to swim games you can help your kids have fun in the water as well as associate water with fun. This is very important and is better than associating swimming with bad feelings and fear. The first game we will cover are games using hula hoops. They are cheap to buy and can be purchased from toy shops. There are hoops you can buy just for swimming they are weighted so that you can swim through them and they stand up under the water rather than lie down.

Firstly we will play a simple learn swim game using animal floats and a hula hoop. Lie the hula hoop on the water and then scatter the animal floats around the pool but not too close to the hula hoop. There are a few animal floats that I know of which I discuss in more detail in my page about equipment on this page you will see photographs of them as well. learn swim games/click here to veiw my page about swimming equipment including animal floats and hoops For this learn swim game any animal float that you can get can be used, they can be also used in other learn swim games and some of my other practices. A good imagination is all you need.In this game I have a teddy bear, fish, bunny rabbit, duck, turtle and a hedgehog, each animal does a certain skill in the water. They are as follows: A bunny rabbit will jump up and down 'see how high you can jump like a bunny'.

A fish blows bubbles’ see how hard you can blow bubbles in the water'.

A duck ducks his head in the water looking for food’ see if you can put your head in the water like a duck' if you have problems with your child putting their head in the water you may need to

A teddy bear lies on his back’ see if you can lie on your back like a teddy bear'. This can be done whilst your child is wearing any kind of buoyancy aid then you gently support them. You Could ask your child float on their back using a woggle which I think are good for this type of thing. click here for tips and advice getting your child to swim on their back

A turtle swims on his front using his little legs’ see if you can swim like a turtle'. Again if you click on the above link the same page will provide tips on how to progress your child to begin swimming with swimming aids on the front using woggles or a swim belt with your support.

A hedgehog can curl up in a ball 'can you curl up like a hedgehog'. This can be done on the back with a woggle or armbands your child can simply bring their knees up to their chin. All these practices with the animals do not have to follow with these actions if you can think of different actions related to the floats then do it. Just make it fun. After your child has done the action he/she places the float into the hoop and goes onto the next float. Your child could jump up and down skip hop to each float to make it more fun. Each time that you hold the float pretend that the float is performing the action for example duck the duck's head, lie the teddy on the water put the fishes lips in the water and pretend to blow bubbles.

You could also play this learn swim game in the deeper end of the pool. Instead of asking your child to do the actions for each animal your child has to get the animal float you ask for. Your child then has to swim to the animal float with swimming aids or without depending on your child’s ability and place that float into the hoop. Simple but fun.

Hoops can placed in the water and your child can try to swim through it, push and glide, see link. You could also ask your child to walk through the hoop and each time they do lower the hoop each time so your child’s face gets closer and closer to the water until your child has to blow bubbles in the water to step through.

Hoops can placed in the water and your child can try to swim through it, push and glide. You could also ask your child to walk through the hoop and each time they do lower the hoop each time so your child’s face gets closer and closer to the water until your child has to blow bubbles in the water to step through.

If your child is feeling confident in the water you could lay the hoop on the water then get them to jump into the hoop from the side. I sometimes call it my magic hoop. Then I say 'see if you can jump into my magic hoop'. Try to think what else you can think of to make it more fun.

push and glide? click here to see my page about toddlers which also includes advice about simple push and glides Another simple learn swim game you can try is simple Simon says. This can be a combination of skills your child has learnt to do. For example 'simple Simon says put your head in the water' push and glide, blow bubbles, swim on your back and jump in the list goes on. Anything that your child knows or has learned can be put in practice and the best thing is that your child will not realize that they are learning, just playing a game.

You can use nursery rhymes when using learn to swim games, If you can support your child on their back with a woggle or arm bands. Then when he/she is lying on their back ask your child to open out their arms and legs like a bright star. Then you can both sing twinkle, twinkle little star.

Hold both hands of your child or children and then sing ring a ring of roses when you get to the bit about a tissue a tissue we all fall down you can either put heads under water or you can all blow bubbles this, is a fun learn swim game.

As you can see from my practices, swimming is not all about practicing the same thing over and over again. It's about having fun an incorporating swimming with a pleasurable experience that your child will want to do over and over again. Yes there are some practices that have to be done over again sometimes but the essential point is to break it up with a learn to swim game or a water skill and then go back to what you are doing. This prevents children from getting bored as well as yourself, so have fun!

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