Learn to swim online or teach your kids, all you need to get started

Learn to swim online if your a toddler or an adult using games which can be fun for yourself and your child. It can be whatever you want it to be.

When you are new to swimming can be quite daunting for the first time. If you are an adult or child you can still have all the same fears. When you get into the pool you may wonder if you will ever get it right. Some people are naturals or do not need much practice others need more time.

First before you go to the pool go to a sports shop and buy yourself some equipment, floats etc.

When you get to the poolside the first thing you must do before you get in is establish which is the shallow and deep end. Then get into the water at a depth that is comfortable for you or your child. There are three ways of doing this.

Backwards down the steps, this is a good idea for swimmers who are very nervous.

A swivel entry is better if you are a little nervous. This involves sitting on the side of the pool with feet in the water. Put two hands to the side and push down on your hands, swivel round and gently lower yourself in. learn to swim/click here to find swimming aids and learn to swim equipment

Gently lower yourself in

If you’re feeling very confident, stand on the side making sure that the water is not too shallow. Then jump as far as you can.

Get accustomed to the water either you/and your child. Walk up and down the pool, it helps and get used to the resistance water creates. This is the whole basis of learning to swim. Being streamlined in the water and overcoming your fears and 'no you will not sink to the bottom it is not possible'. click here to reurn to home page