Adult learning swimming

by Jess

I find it difficult and scary, as a 67yr old adult, who is having swimming lessons, to be confident enough to practise push and glide, as I am really scared that I won't be able to stand up. Any help please?

Jess x

Try using a woggle float under your arms, if you look on my page about swimming equipment you’ll see what I mean. Then if you still feel unconfident then try having a float under each arm to support you. This is demonstrated on my page about push and glides if you want to read it. This can be transferred to the back as well.

When you want to recover from a push and glide on your front then push your hands down with your palms facing the bottom of the pool, then tuck your legs under yourself and you will pivot on your own axis. This is also explained on my page about push and glides and recovery.

If you have a float in either hand then gust push down with your floats which will achieve the same thing.

Also its worth trying putting your head in the water with some help. Hold the instructors hand. Try to sit on the bottom, close your eyes and hold your nose. In fact it’s hard to sit on the bottom you will find you will just keep floating back to the top again. When you realise this you will soon gain confidence and find it then easer to do push and glides. It’s what I always do with my adult class and they always find some confidence from trying these skills and you have nothing to lose just to try and if it doesn’t work try something else....

I really do wish you all the luck in the world with your swimming lessons I find it inspiring to find that you are never too old to learn it’s always fun and worthwhile thank you so much for contacting me and if you have any further questions about swimming the get back in touch....

Dale :)....

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