back stroke arm technique

by Brian

Does it make any difference if my arms on back stroke do not enter the water with a straight arm as well as not reaching all the way over my head. I'm teaching myself to swim and I just wanted to clear that one thing up.

Thanks Brain.

Thanks for your question Brain, it does matter you should enter the water little finger first as far over your head as possible. The problem is that if it not straight and not entering the correct position. Firstly your body will move side to side because you are entering the water outside your centre line. This is also not giving you enough pull so you are not propelling yourself through the water to its full potential. Have a look at my pages about back stroke arms.
But on the other hand I will take this all back if you have trouble with your reach and shoulder restriction because you did not say if you have restricted movement or not. So I’ve given you the information so that you can decide what to do Brian.
Also if you are trying to teach yourself why not give my pdf/book a try at £4-79 you have nothing to lose I will refund your money if it not to your requirements, can’t say farer than that. It is teach your child to swim but the practices can be used to teach yourself with advanced practices as well as simple ones.
Thanks again for your question Brian and hope you sort those backstroke arms out

Dale :)

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