Back stroke position/ longitudinal roll

by joanne

Can you please tell me what a longitudinal roll is in backstroke thanks very much Joanne.

Hi Joanne thanks for your question, a longitudinal roll in back stroke means that as your arm enters the water over your head ready for the catch, as you pull your arm towards your side you simply roll into your stroke about 45 degrees.

I know what your next question is :) why? Well the reason is that if you did not roll on your axis as you catch the water you are just using the force of only your arm that you are swimming with, if you turn slightly you are changing the angle of your stroke and the muscles you are using. You are not only using your arms to pull you are now using chest and shoulder muscles more effectively.

So you now know what a longitudinal roll is and why you do it, if you have any more questions Joanne contact me again and I’ll be more than pleased to help you.

Thanks again Dale :)

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