Backstroke for swimmers under 6 years old

by Lin
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Swim Instructor/YMCA. Told should not teach back stroke to those under 6 years as shoulder joints are still developing and not strong enough to do a continual backward large circle range of motion. Can easily cause damage to joint and rotator cuff. True or false??

My name is Lin

Hi Lin....

This is news to me? Never been told this before.....You should use caution but to be fair you don’t teach backstroke continual for long periods of time it is varied. Like I said never come across this before but will look into it..Thanks for letting me know :), but never had any problems with children doing back stroke and having any problems?

Any other info get in touch good to share info that is what it is all about :), Anyone else had been told this please get in touch....


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