backstroke swimming drills/ what swimming training do i need?

by Maha

Hello Dale,

I like the way you explain how to do backstroke.

Q.I Was wondering what regimen I should try to improve my backstroke style?

A.Backstoke drills I recomend see below for the link to my page about backstrok drills...

Q.I can train for only 2 hours a week should I add more sessions?

A.Yes if you have time do not make yourself tired for school that is more important. Swimming training can be an obsession and can take over your life.....only train as much as you feel is enough....make sure you eat properly plenty of carbohydrates and protein a 60/40 ratio to keep your energy up.

Q.My height is 1.59m can I actually work with this style?

A. Yes as long as this is within the rules of the regional competition body

Q.What type of exercise more suitable for a backstroke?

Plenty of drills i.e. backstroke’s the link for some backstroke drills these are exercises which will help you strengthen your stoke by concentrating one areas at a time......

Q. What type of diet will help my body?

Try jacket potatoes eating the skin as well, fill with beans or chilli..don’t put on too much cheese. Pasta is also good for carbohydrates, baked beans on toast using low sugar baked beans are good!!! Have snacks about 1-2 hours before training or competing...a snack could be whole grain bars or fruit, or yoghurt.

After you have been training say about 15 mins to 30 mins after training make sure you eat a high in carbohydrate and protein meal but low in fat.

Q. Regional competition in June, how much work do I spend knowing that I have less time for resting because of school?

A. That’s a difficult question without knowing you personally, make sure you don’t tire yourself out and do not get obsessed with training but make the hours count and train as much as possible in the time you have....make sure you do not fall behind with school, like I said school is more important than swimming.

Q.Can I become a swimmer when I can’t do the race dive? I know how to do it, I can do it normally, but I hate it, I like diving on my back.

A.Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to once you get used to it you will overcome it and may even get to enjoy it....they are good to get a strong start and you can improve your start to get the edge on your competitors...

I apologise if I asked too many questions out of subject, but I am very interested in backstroke style and ready to devote my free time for it.

That’s ok :) it’s nice to have someone interested in swimming like you are, it should be encouraged...!!!

I’m very pleased you like my site..I do make it as easy as possible to read....I am a professional swimming teacher but not a professional writer.

Thank you very much.....

You're most welcome Maha I hope I have been some help to you, I wish lots of the luck for your future swimming and let me know how you get on I’d love to know :). If you have any more questions please get back in touch...

Dale :)

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