Basic skills swimming, sculling, learn a new skill in the water move around the pool only using your arms straight by your side

Basic skills swimming /stationary scull on the back

This page is about basic skills swimming, to begin with you need to adopt a flat position on your back with your arms straight and by your sides of your body. As your hands move away from your body the leading edges (little fingers) of your hands are raised so that your palms are facing outwards and downwards. On the inward movement the leading edges (thumbs) are again raised so that the palms are facing inwards and downwards at the extremity of each inward and outward sweep, the hands rotate to change the angle of the palms. The arms should be straight and held without undue tention with the movement initiated at the shoulders and passing through the elbows, wrists and hands and not confined to the lower arms. It is essential that throughout the scull the wrists remain in the line with the forearms and that the arms should remain close to the body. The downwards pressure of the palms has an upwards reaction which counteracts the tendency of the body to sink, providing the necessary support to allow it to remain stationary at the surface.

Basic skills swimming /head first scull on the on back

You need to adopt a flat position on the back with the arms straight with your arms straight and by your sides of your body. Your wrists are bent bacwards so that your fingers are tipped upward with palms facing towards your feet. The basic sculling action as discribed for the stationary scull is then performed. Your body, fully extended, should remain flat, with your face, hips, knees and toes at the surface.

Feet first sculling on the back

You adop a float position on your back with your arms straight and by your sides of your body. The wrists are flexes (bent forwards) so that your fingers are facing towards the bottom of the pool, palms facing towards your head. The same basic sculling action, is performed, as discribed above. A circular 'breastroke type action' will provide propulsion but it should not be encouraged if progress to advacced skills is anticipated.

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