breastroke legs questions and answers

by kevin


I coach kids and was wondering do you have any solution to a pain in the inside of the knee when bringing the legs together.


Dear Kevin,

Nice to hear from you, interesting question. I’m assuming that this pain is experienced by most of your kids when swimming breaststroke legs. I've never come across it personally. I'm assuming that this is happening when the legs are brought together at the end of the propulsive phase of the stroke?

Assuming that it isn’t muscle pain and the knees are knocking together when they come together at the end. Your kids must be swimming with some force :)....and assuming they are swimming with the correct technique then this is the only suggestion I can come up with

1. Put padding over the knees i.e. a tube grip that is used for supporting legs and knees as long as it’s not too tight....maybe some kind of foam padding could be added on the inside knee where the pain is located?

2. Teach your children as they kick to slow down as the legs come together at the end of the propulsive phase...?

So Kevin I hope you have some luck with your pain bound children...I hope this will be some help and drop me a line to let me know how you get on and solve the problem. Like I said I’ve never experienced this problem before so it’s a new one for me. It’s good to communicate and learn from each other. I just hope I’m answering your question properly and that is the cause by knocking together if I’m not answering you fully them ask me again and put in some more detail so I can send a new answer.....:)

Thanks again Kevin and good luck

Dale :)....

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