breastroke swimming double stroke

by russell
(Durban South Africa)

Hi Dale

Please could you confirm if using a double stroke in Breaststroke with only one breath is legal? i.e. do you have to breath for EVERY stroke or can you double stroke for one breath?
Look forward to your reply.
Many thanks

Yes it is legal you only have to break the water on each stroke to make it legal

It used a lot in breaststroke drills for competitive swimming and I do believe it can be used in competition....

May I point out this drill is only meant for certain swimmers, mainly for developing swimmers who are having problems understanding how to control the direction they are going to air in breaststroke....

But if you have a coach double check, or check with the ASA TO MAKE SURE IF YOU REALLY ARE COMPETING TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE ASWELL.....

I hope this is of some help to you Russell and good luck with the training......

Dale :0)

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