breaststroke leg movements

by serene

Thanks for your articles Dale, I enjoyed reading them as you made swimming sound a lot of fun:)

I have been told that my leg technique is incorrect. I am not flexing my ankle and thus I do not move much in the water. I have been practicing using the kick board but I still feel that I have no improvement after 2 months. Can you help me out here please?

Hello Serene,
I’m glad you like my website and can see what fun swimming can be......I’m sure that you will find much enjoyment now and years to come....

Such an interesting question, this is the most common problem with breaststroke which I’m assuming you are having trouble with you do not say which swimming stroke you are talking about. But the flexing of ankles you would only do when swimming breaststroke.

I can assure you that even when your leg action is 100% perfect but without flexing ankles you will not move. In fact you will probably end up moving backwards in the end.

So start with legs straight then bring your legs up towards your body by bending knees outwards, this is when you must flex your ankles. By flexing we mean bring your feet and point them outwards. This makes the flat part of your foot face the other side of the pool away from you. Kick by hard pushing your legs so they are straight you are then propelling yourself forward.The legs must come together knees ancles etc. You would then pause for about 2 seconds to create a glide in the water. Then start again.

What you can try is to do the leg action on your back with a woggle float behind you so you can see what your legs are doing.

The reason why this stroke is hard to do is because you cannot see what your feet are doing. By doing the stroke on your back you can practice and see what you are doing. Once you have it clear in your mind what you are doing go back onto your front and practice swimming the breaststroke legs. This can also be done at home sitting on a chain and slowly doing the breaststroke legs.

Have you read my pages about breaststroke swimming? If you have not here’s the links to have a look there are some pictures to give you some idea what the correct way to swim the breaststroke.

Hope this info helps AND let me know how you get on. If you have any more questions please get back in touch.

It’s nice to see how others get on and it helps others who are having the same problem

Thanks again

Dale :)

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