Breathing problem in freestyle

by Samanta

Hi dale,

can swim with taking breathing in the time of freestyle.
But when I try to take a breath I have difficulty. When I breathe out from my mouth before I take another breath I’m getting tired and out of breath. Do you have any idea why this is happening?
But I can swim with my head up doing breaststroke nicely.....

Hi Samanta,

I would say that may be that it isn’t your breathing that is the problem it could be your technique when swimming freestyle. This will make you tired and out of breath. Make sure you breathe frequently and not to get short of breath. Work on your timing and technique until your breathing improves make sure you breathe out fully before taking a breath if you haven’t breathed out fully you find it hard to take another breath.

Hoppe this is helpful to you..Please ask again if you need me to answer any more questions

Dale :)

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