I'm an adult and I'm learning how to swim. I go for swimming lessons once a week for a half an hour. I'm still having trouble knowing how to breathe. I blow bubbles while in the water through my mouth and nose and when I come up for air I seem to come up too long and my instructor says I shouldn't have my head over the water for too long because then my legs don't float up. What do I do?

Hi, thanks for your question, the first thing you need to do is to breathe out only through your nose and breathe in through your mouth. Once you can do this you need to concentrate on expelling all the air from your lungs so that when you come up for air you are not breathing out then in, this will cause the hesitation you are talking about, if you know what I mean.
Think of your body as a sea saw, if your head is too high then your legs will sink too low, if your head is too low your legs will come up to the surface and break the water. So if possible make sure that when you come up to breathe turn your head back into the water, head in, down and slightly looking forward so the water is coming just to your forehead, turn your head just enough to breathe then head back down breathing out through your nose,

I do hope this has been helpful to you and if you need any more help then do not hesitate to contact me again

Thanks Dale

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