by Martin Cunliffe

What is the best age to teach a child to swim and is it better to take them to a class or can you teach them yourself?

Thanks for your question, I would say less than a year old to take your child swimming but you would not teach your child to swim at this age, but when you start teaching your child to swim properly you will not have a screaming child to deal with, you can begin teaching your child to swim about 3/4 years old depending on how advanced your child is in the way of understanding the practices you are trying to teach.

Yes I would strongly recommend that you teach your child yourself, all you need is the knowledge to do it, I have my new eBook coming out soon which has detailed instructions with illustrated photographs, it is more detailed than the web site pages on my site, it had over 100 photos on it which show each practice, it covers from babies to older children, including learning swimming games and swimming equipment, it can also be used to teach yourself to swim, so watch this space.

Thanks again for your question and get back to me if you have anymore, Dale

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