disabilities swimming and learn to swim

by Sam hex
(Islamabad, Pakistan)


I m really very surprised to see that there is a great opportunity for disables to swim. I m 23 years old girl, I’m physically disabled. i want to swim but I don't have any instructor who can teach me swimming. Please tell me some techniques that I can swim my own self. I have to a ask a question from you that for how long disables can swim?


Hi Sam lovely to hear from you,

Yes these days there are so many people with disabilities swimming, have you been able to see the Para Olympics?

I’m saddened to hear that you don’t have anyone to teach you:(

There are things you can try if you have the confidence.....if you don’t have a teacher....ill be your online teacher if you want me to....I’ll give you some instructions to try out then you get back to me then I’ll give you something else to try....how do you feel about that?

Ok I’m assuming you have a swimming pool to go to? Do they have floats to use for learning to swim or is it just a pool without equipment?

If it has floats does you pool have a noodle it looks like a long sausage about 4 feet long.....

Use this under your arms along with some hand floats one under each arm. Now lean forward and rest upon these floats kick your legs up and down until you start to move....keep your legs nice and straight kick from your hips and keep your ankles nice and floppy and your legs straight.......

This is your first step to teaching yourself to swim....to get more of an idea I need to know what disability you have. I need to know what you can do just as much as you cant...just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you are not capable of swimming well.....let me know what equipment you have available, what type of pool you are using etc, then I’ll give you some other things to do, and I will coach you little by little giving you things to try...you tell me your progress and I’ll give you advice...if that ok with you.

As for you question about how far disabilities can swim, it all depends on your fitness and disability, how far you can go till you feel tired and if your disability hinders you in any way....but my opinion is if a person has a disability you have to look at your ability and what you want to do with the things you can do not the things you do can’t. Then work with that a and decide what you want to do with it, this applies to everything not just swimming :)

Anyway hear from you soon......

Dale :)

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Aug 27, 2015
swimming techniques
by: carol

I need to ask you some question about swiming.....

Thats fine just enter a submission and i will be happy to answer


use this submission page to ask whatever question you want and i will get back to you as soon as i can...hope this helps
Dale :)

Oct 13, 2012
by: balmy

first thing i want to tell you is there is no need for a teacher to teach u how to swim.i will recommend you to go to pool and try to know how you can stand and float on the water.surely it will take time.so u must have to be patient and try new techniques.after some days of struggle you will know how to swim.1 thing i must add
do not use any kind of helping material .start in shallow water .after training in shallow for sufficient time go to deep .
and don't get frustrated .
i am also victim of polio.but after training for years i am quite good at swimming.if u want you can take help from me.

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