by Joan
(United Arab Emirates)


I am Joan I want to learn swimming fast..
I saw many video tutorials on the basic steps but I just can’t seem to float I always sink.

Hi Joan,

Practice make perfect, try push and glides they are good to help with body position. Is there any reason why you want to learn swimming fast? It does take time and patience and practice.

You could try to use some kind of floatation device try using a swim belt to keep you floating whilst you practice your strokes. If your body is sinking whilst you are swimming it could be your technique. If you are not creating any propulsion you will sink.
If you are not floating when simply lying on your back it could be for a few reasons. It could be you are small in frame and do not carry much body fat this will cause you to not be as buoyant. If you are muscular i.e. legs etc then this will cause you to be heavy in the water also....

Hope this help please get back in touch if you have any further questions if you need more advise and good luck with your training hope you get there soon....

Dale :)

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