Flotation devices

by Cor
(Providence, RI)

Hi Dale!

I swam on a team for as long as I can remember. Thank you for your site! I want to teach my boys and use the time to spend together and help grow our relationship...

I take my 2.5 year old swimming every week and we have a ton of fun just getting used to the water. However, I do not use any Floaties or flotation devices, I hold him and we play and he jumps off the side and chase our floating toys like ducks, etc. same with my seven month old. I just hold him and move him around but always keep his face above water...

Do you think I should be using a belt or device? Is there a benefit to not using one?

Thank you again!

Hello Cor,
Thank you for your question, what a lovely thought growing a relationship with a child through swimming :)

Yes you are correct, a floatation device for a young child is a good idea. I suggest a simple swim belt is a good idea which can be tied around the waist.

Hand floats are good for teaching your child to swim, it enables your child to swim using the legs only whilst holding the float. Below is a link for swimming equipment which I’m sure you will find useful.....

Any other questions about teaching your child to swim please get back in contact...


Thanks again Cor

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