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Hi Dale, my name is Andrew I have been having group lessons for some time now and I keep having trouble with my breathing when it comes to front crawl, do you have any suggestions in ways I can improve it, I seem to be ok with the arms but as soon as I try to breathe to the side it goes wrong which slows down my stroke

Thank you Andrew for your question, breathing doing front crawl is a common problem, don’t worry you’re not the only one. When swimming front crawl keep your head looking down and slightly forward. When you breathe out make sure you breathe all your air out before you turn your had to breathe, also make sure it’s only your head you turn if you turn if you turn your shoulders as well the rest of your body will follow. Make sure that you only turn your head to breathe when your arm is bent just about to come out of the water to recover turn to that arm.
There are various practices that you can try to develop your breathing technique like one arm one float or two arms one float but if you are having swimming lessons at your local pool then you must be already doing this, if in doubt look at my web page which is about freestyle drills to help you.
I hope I’ve been some assistance to you and if you have any more problems let me know,

Dale :)

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