freestyle swimming breathing

by James Smith

Hi Dale my name is James and I was wondering when is the correct time to breathe in front crawl, and do I lift my head to breathe and how often? Thanks

Hi James thanks for the question, yes there is some confusion sometimes about the correct time to breathe and the answer is straight forward, you breathe as the arm comes out of the water in recovery, as your and has done the pulling action and about to come out of the water, and you only turn your head only to the side to breathe, try not to move your shoulders because it will cause your whole body to rotate which will interfere with the streamlining and body position. If in doubt look at my page about front crawl as well as freestyle drills, this will help you to improve your stroke and your understanding of the breathing

When it comes to how often that can be when you breathe that depends on the distance you are swimming for example if you are swimming one length of 25 metres for example you would not need to breathe as much if you were swimming a much longer distance if you were swimming further you would need to breathe more often.

I hope my advice has been of some use to you James and good luck let, if you have anymore questions then contact me again and fire away.

Thanks again Dale :)

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