Freestyle swimming leg action questions and answers

by Brenda

My daughter is 11 yrs. old. She loves long distance events such as the 500 fr and the 1000 fr. Lately she is having trouble with her legs kicking each other in the Freestyle kicking. I have tried many things to try to correct it but nothing has worked so far. Please help.

Hello Brenda,
I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is having trouble with her leg action. There are various practices you can try to help perfect the legs. Holding a float in front of her, kick the legs with the breathing which you probably know as a drill.

Have you looked at my page about swimming drills for freestyle legs? Doing drills and just concentrating on the leg problem is the best solution. Just puting all the effort into the one thing then try putting it together so it become automatic will help a great deal.

Then try holding the wall and get your daughter to kick her legs, this way you can easily see what is going wrong and correct it by physically showing her moving her legs slowly in the correct direction and style.

you could also try the legs on the back so your child can easily see what her legs are doing. When it becomes more natural then reverse it onto the front until you see some improvement.

Keep telling your daughter that she had to keep legs straight, kicking from the thighs keeping the rest of body straight including the legs.

Floppy ankles and legs close together, with toes touching. Keep the body horizontal in the water. These points should be told a few at a time not to confuse.

Also be patient and calm just take your time. Don’t make your daughter think that it is concerning you that she’s having problems. It can make the problem worse, most of all try to make it fun.

If you have anymore questions/problems get back in touch ill do my best to help :).....

thanks again Dale :).....

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