Freestyle swimming technique help

by Anita
(Darwin, NT, Australia)

Hi Dale.

My 9 year old has just joined a new swim school and was placed in a squad. Part of the session includes swimming freestyle each lap using only one arm.

What is the point of this? All I can see happening is that she is losing her previously learnt technique, with her arms now losing strength and just ending up with very floppy strokes.

Hi Anita

I can see your problem is very distressing and I must say I have been teaching for 17 years and I have never been taught to teach this and I have never taught this method? I can’t see any point in this?..I’ve heard of one arm one float when you hold one float in one hand swim with the other arm then change arms to practice each arm individually, but never swim just wit the one arm?

This one is new to me, if isn’t helping your child and causing her to loose previously good technique then my advice to you is to ask the teacher to stop this practice and explain why you feel this way and that your child is losing her technique, that you wish them to stop this practice.

find out how much longer they are going to teach this technique and if this is the way they are going to continue then you then need to decide is this best for your child? Decide if she should stay or go?

I’m afraid it’s a difficult one and a hard decision to make but I’ve never heard of this kind of practice and would never even think of trying it. If a parent wasn’t happy with something I was doing and it was causing distress and a parent said they were not happy I would stop the practice. But that’s me I hope the swimming teacher across the other side of the world is going to listen to you and help your child....

thanks for getting in touch and if you have any more questions please get back in touch...I wish you all the luck in the world approaching your swim instructors...I would be very interested in how you get on so if you can let me know...and I’m sure other who are reading who may have issues with their instructors will learn something....

Thanks Dale :)

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