Getting in and out of pool swimming techniques

by Liz
(Queensland, Australia)

Hello Dale,

Do you have any tips for someone with visual impairment and balance, dizziness issues for getting safely in and out of the pool safely?
Many thanks,

Hi Liz,

thank you for getting in touch, I'm assuming you have to use steps in and out of the pool which can be quite a you have anyone who you can help you in like a friend?, Someone who knows you who could assist you into getting in the pool.

If you do not then I would firstly familiarise yourself with the pool i.e. know where the deep and shallow end is.

Always enter pool at shallow end, I would suggest you try to get in the pool without using the steps to get in.

You say you have problems with dizziness and balance, you may have difficulty steeping down. Instead I would suggest that you sit on the floor with your feet in the water, then place both hands to the left or right hand side.

Then put pressure on your hands by pushing down towards the floor and at the same time turning your body around into the pool, So that you are holding yourself above the water by your hands. Then slowly lower yourself into the pool.

This is a proven and well known technique of getting in a pool, it is safe and because you are sat down then you will not have difficulty with balance etc....

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions please get back in touch....let me know how you get on....

Thanks again

Dale :)

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