Gliding in a straight path as a beginner swimmer

by Des
(Los Angeles, California)

I recently took my first swimming lesson and every time I tried to glide my body would go off to the left or the right never in a straight line toward the wall. My instructor wasn't sure why this was happening but says it could be my core. Is this true?

Hi Des hope you are well...great you are having swimming lessons:)...I’m thinking you mean gliding from pushing off the wall or when you glide swimming doing the could possibly have one arm or leg stronger than the other? Body position is very important when learning to swim.

Your body must be at about 45 degree angle when doing breaststroke and horizontal when doing front crawl...make sure you are doing even strokes and allowing for glide, pause with your arms in forward position for around 1 second or 2...when doing breaststroke

I wish you good luck and hope you do well in you swimming lessons Des...anymore questions please get back in touch..


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