going on holiday

by Alan Miller Aquatics coordinator

Hi all

I work as a swimming teacher and coach in Leeds what follows is a game I used to teach a foundation class movement
I first filled the small pool 0.8 metre depth with floating toys and put two hoops on the side
the children 4 and 5 year olds were told that they are going on holiday and need to put their luggage (floating toys)in their suitcases(hoops) this took about 5 minutes when they had finished they had to get on their motorbikes (woggles)and go to the airport using their legs as the engines, when they got to the airport(far side of the pool) it was closed so they had to go and catch a ferry(other side of the pool) using a different engine(kick) after this they had a rest by climbing on a big float (ferry)and my assistant pushed them around the pool arriving at the resort they hired another motorbike (woggle) and use another engine (kick) to get there
on arrival they had to get a shower (watering cans)and then go sunbathing on their back and front (floating shapes)

I teach national plan style lessons and I think with foundation and in all the stages up to stage 6 you could use theme based lessons to help teach skills

The children in the above lesson really enjoyed it and learnt new skills without realising they had

Hi Alan,

What a lovely idea its all about making learning fun and indeed you have, keep up the good work and if you have any more ideas you want to share please get back in touch......

Thanks again Dale :)

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Nov 11, 2013
Nice game
by: Sally

Hi I'm also a swim teacher and use and use a lot of imagination games - I like this idea and will use it .
What is good is that you can use this theme and fill the whole lesson . 3/4 yr olds love to be taken on a ' journey '. I've used floats as chicken wings and we've had lots of fun .

Thats great I'm so glad you like it thanks for the comments it's nice to know that people out there are using my ideas, it's so good to share ideas....Thanks again Sally...!!!

Dale !!!!

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