Hand entry

by Vickie tucker
(Wichita kansas)

Hand entry too wide. What drills would help? Entry is wide, and delays my pull. I can’t swim straight line. Only one arm affected (left). Usually breathe on left.

Hi Vickie,

Thanks for your question, if your hand entry isn’t good on your left and you are breathing to you left then chances are that your breathing is affecting your stroke. Try some breathing drills try one arm one float with breathing. Keep your arm close to your body as you pull take your breath and only move your head to breathe don’t lift your head to breathe.

You say that you are not swimming in a straight line...could be 2 reasons:

1. If one of your arms is inefficient then you may be pulling harder one side to another. This could cause you to go off course

2. If your leg action is efficient then this could also cause you to go off course. The leg action does not create propulsion but keeps you in a straight line and vertical.

If you look at my page on my website about freestyle drills there are practices you can try to improve your technique. Just copy and paste this and I’m sure you will find something to help you....


Thanks for the question and if you have anything else you would like to ask please get back in touch...

Dale :)

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