How to run a youth swim team practice?

by Holly

We are losing our swim coach 2 weeks into our season. I've been asked to start running some of the practices. Your site has given great help with teaching techniques to the beginners and novice groups. But even though I do swim, I really have NO idea how to run an actual practice. Any help would be great. Thank you


Dear Holly,

I’m glad to hear you find my site useful.

As for your question about running a practice I’m assuming you mean running a school?. Do you have other instructors to help you?

Firstly you need to delegate swimming instructors, if you have help even if its people who can swim and have some knowledge about swimming. That would be a good start. Putting children into groups of ability/age etc would also make it easier.

You need to concentrate on a certain area at a time and concentrate on that area e.g leg action.

Running a school is such a complex task it is hard to know where to start. You really need some professional advice from a coach or someone who runs a school of their own. They must have some confidence in you to trust you to run it all by yourself.

My field of advice and expertise is the subject of learning and teaching students to swim. Like you have discovered for yourself it was useful in helping you to give practices to do when you need to teach.

I have experience in doing swim schools on a smaller scale doing say 4 half hour groups of 12 children at a time at different levels. But I was the teacher and didn’t do much running of the actual school itself. Someone who didn’t teach looked after the running of it and qualified swimming instructors did the teaching.

I'm sorry I cannot be of anymore of help to you, but if you have any questions about teaching to swim then please get back in touch....

Thanks again

Dale :)

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