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by Shae


I want to join the swim team at my school. Try outs are in about 1 week or 2.

The problem is: I can't swim that well. I'm the kind of person that won't want to try out if I don't believe I can actually make it. I'm usually a very fast learner, except with swimming. It's kind of getting to me, but I'm determined to learn.

My question is: Do you think it's possible to learn how to swim in that time span? And if so, what is the fastest possible way to learn? I've watched all kinds of videos on swimming, and it looks so simple, but when I get in the water to try it, for some reason it gets more complicated. I've never actually swum in deep water, so I don't know if I'll drown or not lol. But is it true that if you just keep kicking your legs, you won't drown. Please answer back soon!

Dear shae,

Thank you for your question, that’s a hard question. Can you learn to swim better within a week or 2. The answer is yes if you had the proper instruction.

No you will not drown if you just kick your legs, it depends where your head is at the time, if its under water and you cant breathe, yes you will.

It does look so easy, but with practice it becomes more natural like riding a bike.

Say if you were having private lesions with me for 2 weeks. You need to train every day. You need to swim using the correct technique, being corrected on every point till its prefect.

Look at my website about front crawl, breast stroke and backstroke. Look at the techniques used as well as the reasons why. That is so important as well, the reason why we do a stroke in a certain way.

It also depends on how fast you learn and pick things up. Practice makes perfect and practice makes permanent. Which mean my friend...learn a practice right and you’ll always do it right.

Learn something wrong and practice wrong you will always do it wrong permanently. Never be in too much of a rush to learn something it’s hard to change once you’ve got into the habit.

So in other words keep practicing every day and see how it goes.....we are all individuals and learn at different paces.

Anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask me again I’m always here to help.....

Thanks Dale :)

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