learning the 2 beat kick

by rebecca
(brooklyn )

I have been swimming for a few years now and began a grandmother, and in all this time I have been steadily working on improving my freestyle stroke.

I swim drills with the pull buoy, the kickboard, the paddles and the tempo trainer but I found that I tire easily when swimming continuous lengths of freestyle and so I was on a quest to find ways to improve the stamina.

I found the 2 beat kick and love the controlled rhythmic feeling and I am wondering if you can offer any guidance

Hi Rebecca,

thanks for the question, seems like you are getting on well with your freestyle swimming, you say that you have trouble with your stamina. This can be caused by legs not vertical in the water. You have to be horizontal as much as possible not to cause any drag in the water.

Keeping legs together when kicking, keeping knees strait no bendy knees kicking from the hips.
Keep your head looking at the floor and slightly forward this will also help to keep you horizontal, think of your head as a sea saw, meaning if your head is too far up your legs will sink if your head is too far down your legs will splashing above the surface.

Keep your arms in as they come out of the water bring them over your head by brushing your ear with your arm, making yourself streamline and narrow in the water. As your arms enter the water they should be entering just in front of you in the middle of your face just in front of the middle of your nose. Bend your arms as you pull your arm towards your hip.....

2 beat kick consists of one beat pre arms stroke, making sure shoulders are not riding too high in the water, also make sure when breathing you do not rotate your body. The 2 beat kick is for long distance swimming.

Hope this helps Rebecca and if you have any more questions please get back in touch

Dale :)

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