My butterfly swimming legs are obstinate......

by Chow Mun Chee

My legs keep sinking when I'm swimming the butterfly stroke. My coach scolded me many times for that. I've tried to keep my legs float but failed. What should I do and why is this happening??�

Hi Chow Mun Chee,

Butterfly is an undulating arm and leg action, a series of kicks in time with your arms.

You should never start using your arms until you have perfected your legs. It seems to me that your legs are not propelling you properly. This will cause them to sink.

Some butterfly drills will help to perfect your leg action. Try this link to my page of butterfly drills, hopefully this will help

Please get back in touch if you have any more problems and will try to help again, good luck and thanks again for contacting me....

Dale :)

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