Paralyzed leg

by Henry Goldman
(Charlotte, NC)

As a result of having received an epidural, several nerves in my cauda equina were damaged, and I now have a paralyzed right leg. I was wondering if there is a device (ie. a float for my foot) that I can wear, to keep my leg from sinking while I swim.

Hello Henry,

Happy new year to you!!!, this can be a problem when you have one leg that sinks and another that does not.

Have you ever tried a pull buoy held between your legs, would it be possible to hold it between your legs? If you look at my page about equipment you will see what a pull buoy is. But to cut a long story short it is a float you hold between your legs and you are then able to use your arms. I’m reluctant to suggest that you tie any float to your leg due to safety I would not want you to get into any difficulties.

Maybe a woggle which is a tubular float which could be placed under both legs as long as you are able to swim with your hear in swimming horizontally with head in practicing arm action for freestyle.

I hope this has been useful to you, if you have any more questions please get in touch

Dale :)

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Jan 12, 2015
pull buoy
by: Rebecca

when I first started swimming a few years ago and did not know the freestyle stroke and wanted to learn it, I found I became exhausted quickly and the only way to do several laps continuously was to use the pull buoy which helped strengthen my upper body and get use to the stroke without getting instantly warn out; I agree that you should try to use the pull buoy which will offer buoyancy and an evenness to your legs


Thank you for your kind comments:) you can do anything when you put your mind to it, im glad it works for others, id love to see how people get on with this, I'm hoping people will get back in touch if they try it out...having comments from others who have tried it out is always a positive thing....that is what this site is all about....keep up the good work Rebecca

Keep me posted my friends......:)

Dale !!!

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