Pull buoy/Balance float for swimming

by Mal
(Liverpool England)

Is there such a thing as a balance float?

I have used what looks like an ordinary float but shaped differently, which you put between your legs in order to balance the body for front crawl which in turn increases your speed, but I can't seem to find one on any web site.

The only thing you have is a pull buoy, but I'm not sure if that's the same thing. I'd appreciate your help.

Dear mal,

Thank you for your question regarding the balance float. There isn’t really such a thing as a balance float. The float you are referring to is a pull buoy by what you describe to me.

A pull buoy isn’t used for speed but a pull buoy is the same thing that you refer to as a balance float. All a pull buoy is, is a float for your legs which in effect does balance you so maybe it is sometimes referred to as a balance float by some people?

Everyone who swims knows what a normal hand float is. It is a float that is used to perfect or learn leg actions for swimming. Well a pull buoy is simply a float for your legs to perfect your arms.

When using a pull buoy you don’t use your legs only your arms the pull buoy keeps your legs in a streamlined and horizontal position. I do have some pages on eBook about how to use a pull buoy with photographs. They are great for practicing front crawl swimming and to strengthen the stroke overall because it’s so technical to get it perfect.

I do hope this is useful to you Mel thanks again for getting in touch and if you need anymore questions answering about swimming please get in touch.....

Dale :)

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