Royal Holloway University Swimming Society

by Isaac
(Egham, UK)

Hi guys,

I'm the president of my swimming society at Royal Holloway and my aim is to make swimming a more accessible sport for disabled students at the University from publicity, posters and accessibility.

At the moment we have already two disabled swimmers that come regularly they have swum all their lives and know there capabilities.

I'm trying to reach out to the other disabled students that refuse to do sport by proving swimming is the best sport for disabled as it allows free movement in the water.

We are trying to appeal to all those that know how to swim and are disabled and the aim is to make the local swimming pool we use now more accessible and useful for them.

Let me know your thoughts.

Hi Isaac,

It looks like you are doing good work, it is such a worthwhile sport for people with disabilities. It enables people to move in a way they cannot out of the water.

If you write an advert I can post it on my site if you think this will help?. This will be free so nothing to lose, it will stay on the site as long as you want, if you ever have any amendments let me know or if you ever want to remove it that’s no problem as well.......

If you have any tips or advice or stories of success that you would like to share with you can write your own page if you want or send a short submission...? This may inspire others to do the same.

Making swimming accessible to your students is a very good idea I hope it goes well and becomes popular:)

Let me know what you want to do? Just send advert the same way as you have sent this submission.

Good luck with your venture...

Dale :)

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