sinking legs

by Nizam
(South Africa)

Good day

I have just started swimming over a month, when I kick of the wall on my tummy float at the surface without an issue, I even kick in that position without sinking.

As soon as i start with the arm stroke my legs sink, and it makes it extremely hard for me to move in the water, please helllllppppppp.

Hi Nizam,

Thanks for the question, this is a very common thing when learning to swim. What is happening is that when you hold the wall you are supporting yourself with your arms, you are holding yourself up.

When you swim without holding the side your leg action has to be good to keep yourself vertical which is very important.

Your legs keep yourself going in a straight line as well as vertical, it give about 5% of propulsion or less basically your legs keep you balanced.

It's your arms which propel you through the water. So what are you doing wrong?, well it’s hard to say without seeing you but you describe a common problem that I see all the time. These are the main teaching points that need to be followed when kicking your legs:

1. Need floppy ankles, not ridged, let your ankles go with the force of the water acting like a fin.

2. Kick from the hips, kicking with your legs strait try not to bend your knees.

3. Keep legs together touching toes, hard kicks fast but not too deep.

Hope this helps you, if you have any more questions please get back in touch....and also get in touch again to let me know how you get on I like to know how my swimming tips help people.....

Thanks again Dale :)

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