Swimmers tips help/ toddler ear

by Blanca & Clara

Hi there Dale,

I am very excited to try your methods with my near 2 year old. She has been doing swim class for toddlers but I find I could implement more myself with her, hopefully :)
Your web site is fantastic, so I found it months ago & saved it to favourites & now I’m going embark on the journey, and we have another buba on the way to teach to too!!

So one question I have is how to solve the problem of water going into my toddlers ears?
Are they too young to wear ear plugs, I imagine so.

Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Blanca & Clara

Hi there Blanca and Clara,

Thank you so much for getting in touch. I’m really glad you like my site I’ve spent so much time writing it and building it I’m very proud of it. It took even longer to write my EBook.

As for you question, I’ve never really heard of very young children wearing ear plugs. I’ve never seen small ear plugs that would fit a small child. I can’t remember ever seeing a very small child wearing a pair in all the 15 years I’ve been teaching....that doesn’t mean they are not out there. My only concern that if your child did go under water with the ear plugs slightest amount of water pressure could damage or put pressure on the drum. In fact unless your child had any kind of medical problem there isn’t too much worry of water going in the ears. I see many small babies and 2 year olds messing in the water putting their head in and it doesn’t seem to cause them any long term trouble.

Does your child need to keep the water out of the ears for any kind of medical reason? My only suggestion I can think of at the moment, if you can find a small swimming cap, made from rubber. You could put this over your Childs head and the sides would actually go over the ears thus preventing water in them.

I hope this has helped if you need any more advice or tips I’m more than happy to help. If you are interested my EBook has lots of other tips and ideas for toddlers and babies. If you need additional techniques and teaching methods for parents to try additional to my web site then it may be useful. Or just get back in contact with any additional questions i don’t mind at all :)

PS Hope the little bubba is soon a water baby soon after he/she is born.

Thanks again Blanca & Clara

Dale :)

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