swimming aid

by paula mcneill

Hi I am a paraplegic (t8) I am swimming 1/2 mile 3 times a week. When I do the front crawl my legs are flying all over the place. I wonder if there is some type of equipment or belt or something I can put around my legs so they aren't everywhere.

Hi Paula,

Thanks for your question, at this moment I have not heard of any special kind of equipment to prevent this from happening, but there may be a few things you could try that I have thought of.

Have you tried tying a swim belt to your legs? So they float but am not sure if this would prevent them causing lateral deviation (snaking from side to side). Also you could try tying a pull buoy to your legs which would help your legs to float so at least they would float. The last idea is may be a splint of some kind i.e.... a woggle lengthways between the legs tied on so they are straight and buoyant?..

I've looked on the internet and there doesn’t seem to be anything available and that is why you are asking me...I’ve have researched myself to see if there is anything available that is why I’ve taken a few days to respond....it is frustrating trying to find a solution to this problem and I feel for you with the frustration of the problem you have....I have thought long and hard trying to solve this for you and I hope these few ideas are something you can try. If you have tried these or already have tried them please accept my apologies in advance... if this is the case then please get back in touch and I will try to suggest something else till you problem is solved.....

Don’t forget to get back in touch to let me know how you got on or for more advice

Thank you Dale:)

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