swimming and children with ADHD

by Arthivelsamy
(Chennai, tamilnady, India)

Effects of swimming on the development of Children with ADHD

Hi arthivelsamy,

Swimming is beneficial to us all including children with Attention, Deficit, hyperactivity disorder. Swimming can keep any child focused on a task or activity. To channel a child with ADHD into swimming is bound to have some kind of beneficial therapeutic stimulation into their lives. But as for their development goes in day to day life I’m am not too sure. Deployment in swimming in skills and techniques, yes, to concentrate on a single task is bound to help them whilst in the pool but out of the pool I am not sure... It may help to relax a child

I do teach autistic children to swim which has helped them to swim and it also helps with communication etc...but like most things there as far as I know no studies been done on this so it is hard to say there is no underlying proof....it’s what you feel and believe in yourself.....

thank you for your question I have tried to answer it to my best of my ability, but problem is with a one worded sentence as a question without much information it is hard to know exactly what you are getting at and what information you need....if you could be a little specific I could give more of an informative rather than a general answer.

If you want to get back to me with more detail that would be great

Anyway I hope this helps and if you want to ask a more specific question I’d be more than happy to help.

Thanks dale :)

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