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by Rachael thomas

Hello Dale my name is Rachael Thomas, I was thinking of purchasing your eBook but I just had a few questions before I did if that is ok, I have a baby 12 months old is there activities I can do with her at my local pool on your book? I also have a three year old and I would like to more with him as well myself because I feel I know my own child and I cannot really afford lessons or private at the moment? Thirdly on your site you do suggest some games as well as swimming techniques for teaching young children yourself, does you book contain lots more ideas and teaching methods?

Sorry to ask so many questions but i would like to know before I purchase,

Thanks Rachael

Thanks Rachael for your questions, don’t apologise for asking me questions or I wouldn’t invite people to ask :), yes as I said in on the page about my new eBook/pdf there is a lot of practices one can do with a baby using the correct equipment which doesn’t have to cost the earth, if you look at my page about equipment it will show you what you need but if you purchase my book then it’s all on there as well and a little bit more about using the equipment how to put it on etc, yes my book does have a lot more in it than the site for babies, three year olds and more any age and all levels advanced practices, it has something for everyone in fact you use it to teach yourself to swim. It has a total of 15 chapters and is a useful way to get the knowledge you need to teach or simply use it a supplement to your child’s swimming lessons.
I also promise which I do hold myself to is that if you’re not happy with its content and you do not find it useful you can have your money back, so you really have nothing to lose.
Thank you for your comments Rachael and if you do have any more questions before you buy don’t hesitate to contact me again I really don’t mind :). I f you do buy I would love to hear from you to know what you think for others to see what they are getting for just £4.79.

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