swimming backstroke technique

by arif

I'm a beginner in backstroke. When I do the backstroke and try to do it streamlined, my body becomes un streamlined and sunk...

Where is the fault?

Dear Arif

There are so many faults it could be. For a general guide your head should be back. Your tummy should be on the surface of the water. Body position should be horizontal in the water so not to cause any drag.

Then you are in a streamlined position. So now as you use your arms you are pulling your body through the water, you are not dragging yourself back.

Also a good point to remember is it make sure your legs are kicking very hard in the way i describe on my page about backstroke legs.

The reason being is that your arms go over your head and are out of the centre line. Your legs are more likely to sway side to side as you pull yourself from one side to another..The backstroke legs are for 2 purposes:

1. to stop your body swaying from side to side
2. to keep your body in a horizontal position

I hope this advice will help you and if you have any questions please contact me again :)

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