swimming body position/streamline front crawl

My daughter is nearly 8 and is at swimming lessons 4 years and is presently at level 8. However she is not getting the streamline position and is slapping the water. She is swimming lengths but it looks like she is working very hard. Her position in the water looks terrible and also she has a very weak leg kick. Her breast stroke is good and back crawl is ok.

Hi thanks for your question, this can be a common problem with front crawl and body position can be the reason as well as arm technique epically the arm entry. Let’s start with body position, need to be in streamlined position, this can be caused by the head being in the wrong position. Imagine a sea saw if the head is too high the legs will sink causing incorrect body position, if the head too low then the legs will be to high coming out of the water. So the head needs to be looking down but also looking slightly forward, make sure when she turns her head to breathe she only turns her head make sure the shoulders don’t follow this will cause the rest of the body to follow on.
The body should be on a horizontal plane on the surface of the water, legs straight kicking from the thighs and hips not the knees. Push and glides are useful for getting the ideal body position. Using a kick board/float do some extra leg kicking exercises, hold the float vertical in the water causing some resistance so your chid has to kick against the drag of the board, if you look at my page about freestyle drills there are a lot of ideas to improve leg kick performance.
Once good body position is achieved it looks like it to me that the arm entry is not correct, the hand should enter the water from above thumb first at an angle not palms down and slapping the water this will cause a lot of splashing. This is then followed by the rest of the arm, the whole arm does not go into the water at one time in other words the arm enters the water with a bent arm with high elbow and then followed by the rest of the arm afterwards and elbow last, if you look at my page about freestyles swimming this will show you in more detail.
The eBook I have written also shows a lot more detail on the crawl practice you can try with your child as an addition to your Childs swimming lessons, advanced practices and drills, with illustrated photographs and instructions, its only £4.79 and if you’re not happy with it I’ll happily refund your money,
I do hope this has been some help to you and I wish you all the success for your daughter’s front crawl, let me know how you get on I’m interested to know, if you are still having problems write to me again giving me specific details of the problem I can give you more detailed answers,

Thanks again Dale

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