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Swimming coaching online /slow interval

This swimming coaching online will improve your cardiovascular endurance(stamina), by conditioning your heart to meet the demands of exercise. The repeat swims are slower than the pace for a race, but give a shorter resting interval.

Distance Rest interval

50m 10-20secs 100m 10-45secs 200m 30-60secs

Fast interval

Here the development is for speed, with very fast swims at 90-100 percent effort, with appreciably longer rest intervals. The last part of the swim will be made under conditions of increasing acidity, causing mental and physical discomfort. If the stroke deteriorates, these swims should be stopped, or reduces in intensity. i.e. 8x50, 1 minute Rest interval, average time 32 secs.

Distance Rest interval

50m 25secs-1min 30secs 100m 50secs-2min 30secs 200m 1min 30secs-3mins

Swimming coaching online /repetitive training

A series of repeats, shorter than the intended race distance, but swam at a faster speed than for the race. ie speed and stamina with full recovery.

For distances of 50m-100-m, the rest interval could be as long as the time for the race, say 3mins. The number of will be fewer, and as the onset of fatigue becomes apparent, longer rests may well be required.

4 or 6x100m, 3-6 mins rest

Training clock

A large clock with a 60sec sweep hand is essential you can now try to do 6x100m, try to complete every 100m in 75 seconds. Then you get a 1min 45 second rest if you finish in 75 seconds, if you finish before you get a longer rest i.e. the faster you swim the longer the rest period.

Average speed swim

The pace set is the average speed of a potential competitive swim, i.e. hoping to swim 100m in 60 secs in a 25m pool (average speed 15 secs per length), would do 4x24m at 25 secs per length, with 10 seconds rest between each repetition.

Swimming coaching online /broken swims

A broke swim is over the actual race distance and the intended speed of the competition, with suitability adjusted breaks at intervals during the swim, i.e. you aim to swim 100m in 60 secs (4x25m) At the end of each length you rest for 5 secs in the water. Total time is 75 secs-15 secs rest=60 secs for 100m.

Hungarian repetitions

Offers variety in a training session, by using both short and long distance, i.e.

8x50m rest interval 1min 4x100m rest interval 1 min 2x200m rest interval 2 min 1x400m rest interval 5 min

Swimming coaching online /high quality repetitions

Interval swim at a very fast pace, you MUST have long rest periods for recovery. 2x20m, 10-15 mins between each repetition

Reducing swims

Pace gradually increased to target time (TT).

200M Swim Rep 1 10-15 secs slower than beast time Rep 2 6-10 secs slower than race time Rep 3 4-6 secs slower than best time Rep 4 Aim to equal or get close to best time

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