swimming e-book learn to swim

by Paul James
(St Ives Cornwall)

Hi Dale,

been glued to your web site and after a few hours of reading, I have read a few ideas on your web site I can try with my little girl when I take her swimming next, there is a lot of info in your site but I read that there is more on your e-book I mean information....how much more is there?. Also I see you have reduced the price of your book teach your child to swim, i think it was about £4.79 now £1.49 that’s great. Just want to know what I’ll be getting for my £1.49 before i purchase.

Thanks Paul

I’m glad you found my web site so useful and you found some tips to teach your child to swim. Yes there is quite a bit of extra info regarding my book. The web site is simply a taste of the practices you can try there are more ideas and information in my book. For the small price of £1.49 it is not a great deal you also get a money back guarantee.

If you like my book after you have purchased it may be you could write a review so others will have no need to ask the question? Thanks for you interest Paul and if you do buy the book or not good luck with teaching your child to swim. If you have any more questions about swimming techniques or anything else regarding swimming games etc just contact me again and ill more than happy to answer you.

Thanks again Dale :)

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