Swimming information for Toddlers

by Terence
(South Africa)

Hello, I live in a farming community in South Africa, how can I get some material from you to train students here? My wife and I are both swim instructors for Aqua Tots.

Hi Terence,

What kind of information do you require?, I’m assuming you need information to teach people to teach your aqua tots....but to be fair if want to teach your students to teach tots then my eBook has quite a lot of games and fun things to do for young children as well as swimming practices and more advanced practices for the better swimmers these practices are using swimming aids......

The EBook is £1.49 to download if you find it is not adequate to your need I can refund your money or send you additional material for your students.....I hope this helps you...if you have any more questions please get back in touch and also id love to hear how you get on....

Thanks again Dale :)

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