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have a child who is very reluctant to get on his back, he will look up to the ceiling, but can't push his tummy up. When holding two floats he is fairly flat but you can see he is very tense in his shoulders and isn't relaxed at all.

I tried to see if he could do with just one float but he just starts crying and refuses to do it. Is there anything I could do to help him t be more confident on his back?


Thanks for the question..well done for trying to teach your child to swim yourself...I can see the problems your are having and this is quite common in children. It’s not the first or the last child that will do this you will be pleased to know.

It is difficult when a child is not confident on their back to kick their legs on their back with tummy up. It takes some time and practice.

Have you firstly tried a swim belt that ties in the middle of the waist which will support your child when swimming on the back? It will give support in the place where he needs it the most.

I do have some information about swim belts on my page about equipment. If you use this link then you will be able to see what I’m talking about.

Also if your child is not confident on their back bringing your child down to one float will make matters worse he will become more frightened with less buoyancy to keep him afloat.

Have you ever tried using a woggle with 2 floats at same time this could make him feel more confident until he feels more able to float on his back just using one float? A woggle is another aid for teaching your child to swim but can be used with hand floats as well. There is a picture of a woggle on the same link for equipment.

Here’s a link below to show a pic of how the float and woggle are used together. It is a picture of me using them but if they can keep an adult afloat they can sure hold up any child!! Can you see how the woggle held from behind is keeping a person afloat without any effort.


I like to make it fun say look for Fred the spider he’s watching you swim see if you can see him!!!! Show me your tummy I can’t see it!!!

Plenty of push and glides on the back with floats is a very good help as well here’s a link below showing push and glides on this page there is also a pic of a child swimming on their back using a swim belt and a woggle only, so in any combination these floats can be used....or all three hand floats, woggle and a swim belt if necessary


Finally if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask me again ill try to help you as much as I possibly can.

I notice you are teaching your child to swim yourself and looking at my site for information. I do have an EBook that I sell on my site its only £1.49 and it has loads more information that what is on my site....

Anyway wish you all the best of luck with your child and hopefully he will swimming on his back very soon...

Dale :)

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