swimming techinques and tips for freestyle swimming.

by Swimmer

I'm a 14 yr old on a swim team. Every time I swim free, I struggle to glide smoothly and my kick isn't helping at all. No matter how hard I kick, I don't feel like I'm moving anywhere. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any tips?

Hi swimmer,

Yes review your leg action, get a friend to watch you swim even video it so you can see what you are doing wrong. Your legs should be straight, together, toes touching and not too much bending of the knees. Kick from the hips.

You may need to review your body position, are you are breathing to the side? By lifting your head to breathe your legs may sink, causing incorrect body position. Visit my other pages about freestyle technique the link is below, this may be a help and also freestyle drills which will help you improve your strength in your arm and leg action....


I wish you lots of luck with your swimming let me know how you get on,

Dale :)

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