swimming techniques/ head sinking on backstroke

by Jerry
(ny, ny, us)

How do I keep my head from sinking on the backstroke? My head sinks when just kicking and when adding arm strokes.

Hi Jerry,

When swimming backstroke body position is very important, you must try to keep your stomach on the top of the water in a horizontal position.

Kick legs hard, together and kick from hips keeping legs straight. The reason your head may be sinking is because your head may be coming back too far when using your arms.

Also if your body is not horizontal when using your arms it will take you further under the water.

Practice body position, use a float then without. Gradual use arms but pay attention to body position.....

Hope that helps you...let me know how you get on and if you have any further questions then please get back in touch, if you need more help on this subject just get back in touch with more detail of your problem....

Dale :)

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