swimming techniques help, unable to lift head during freestyle swimming

I can swim freestyle with head down in water but that puts lots of strain. I am a beginner and learning.

I’m still not able to lift my head for breathing, I try to put extra effort in lifting and that adds to my strain.

On other hand If I don’t put extra effort my head remains under water just if I try to turn to one side. What should I do? Any extra swimming tips? Thanks


Thanks for getting in touch, in regards to your question. Lifting head? This you should not do, lifting your head will cause your legs to sink, and then you will be creating drag. Lifting your head will cause extra strain the reason why you are struggling with this is because you should not really do it.

You must remain horizontal in the water at all times when doing freestyle swimming. Instead when your head is in the water turn your head to the side as your arm is coming out of the water in the recovery action to breathe. This makes the stroke more efficient and streamlined.

Look at this page about freestyle swimming it may help :)


thanks again, if you have any more questions get back in touch

Dale :)

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