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My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter is not afraid of the water and if she goes under she doesnot try to come up. What does this mean?


I would not worry if your grand daughter isn’t afraid of the water. Just keep an eye on her in case she get out of her depth.

Not being afraid of the water is a really good start. Just make sure when she learns to swim that she does not keep putting her head in the water this can be off putting to the instructor and the child learning to swim doesn’t hear what is being said.

She obviously is enjoying being underwater she is exploring and finding out for herself about buoyancy and seeing the world if a different light. She will come back to the surface when she needs to breathe

I can remember the first time I went under water I will never forget it. .

You could always encourage her by introducing learning to swim games such as throwing a sinker in the pool and she has to dive down to get it.

You are lucky the she is so confident, use this to teach your child to swim, get a few swimming tips from my site and use it to advance her skills.

Thanks for getting in touch please let me know how she gets on and if you have any more questions please get back in touch.

Dale :)

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