Swimming tips/help Learning to put their faces in the water

by Abby

I always tell them to look for mermaids or monsters in the pool (mermaids for girls, monsters for boys). And I tell them, "If you don't put your face in the water, they might swim by you and you might miss them!" Make sure they have goggles so they can comfortably open their eyes under water. This technique most always works and gets kids comfortable with putting their faces in the water.

Thank you Abby that is a good idea i have never tried that I will try that next time I’m teaching my kids to swim. Others can try this too....thank you for such a good idea..

if you have any more please get back in touch so others can get more ideas how to have fun in the water...that’s what it’s all about....enjoying themselves and learning at the same time.

Thanks again Dale :)

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