teach swimming to children with autism

by Priya Shah
(India )

I am trying to teach 9 children with autism to swim..

So far now they are comfortable with moving in 4 feet pool with armbands.
Started with few immersions ( dip ) ..Difficult..no idea as how long it’s going to take to make him put his face in the water.
.. we are also singing rhymes and playing games in the pool...vertically the kids are able to move with only armbands ..

Hi Priya Shah,

This is great, you are making good progress with these children. 9 all at the same time I bet it is hard yet rewarding. It seems that you have the time and patience with these kids. Let me know how you get on.

Singing rhymes and playing games is the best way forward and should be encouraged it gets the children swimming and enjoying the session without them getting bored or distracted. You have already achieved so much just by getting them into 4 feet of water that sometimes can be a challenge on its own.

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your experiences, swimming with autism. If you have any specific questions you wish to ask please do and I will do my best to help you.....keep up the good work....
Dale :)

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